Sunday Night Trash!!


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I was doing a little surfing after Alias (does anybody really understand this show?)

and found...
Dragnet: nude prostitute half chewed by Jackals and the ME. needed to snip off a finger for ID....real wholesome: that was off in two seconds.

Next channel: Mexican border incident: Mexicali warlord, DEA agents being mocked. Language was

Hallmark Hall of Fame: Vemeer painting with a history of a family member's incest...a forced mutilation of a pregnant mother, a psycho Jewish girl who snapped the necks of dozens of pigeons followed by a Nazi officer who carts them all off to work camps.

Is it me, or has TV reached deeper into utter garbage and call it entertaining?
I don't have cable but I KNOW this is little decent value there.

On a Sunday Night! Ugh....


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History Channel

Discovery Channel

AMC (American Movie Classics)

GET CABLE!!! Network is a waste.