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I'm torn because I got no real dog in the fight, and while I like Tom Brady I also like Patrick Mahomes. But I also don't give a chit about football, so there's that. Tom Brady haters amuse me because they're such freaking loser mental cases, and I'm thinking he needs another Super Bowl ring just to piss them off.

So my final answer is:



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Even though last year I was rootin' for the KC Chiefs (to show support to work colleagues in KC!) but this year, I'm rootin' for the Bucs because it's FL. That and I'm rootin' for the Old Guy. :yay: :getdown:

@vraiblonde - I've watched some of the coverage this week of the TB area and remembered some of the fun places we went to when I came to see you and @Monello in Sarasota!

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Almost time! :party: