Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer


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Breyer has to retire, a nominee sent forth and then confirmed before November 2022? :lol: Mitch will get who he wants on that court.


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Come to think of it, it is one way for the Dem leadership to get Kamala out of the VP picture.
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Sure the R's won't argue you can't replace a vacancy in the second year of a presidential term? It can only be done in the third year, and only after the midterm was clearly in favor of the same party as the president.


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He will put Hillary up for the spot. :lol:...wouldn't surprise me...or let Kamala resign so she could be appointed..Maybe Maxine...:killingme
That is exactly what they have been pushing for. I wonder how they threatened Breyer into retiring?


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Ketanji Brown. I correctly called two out of three of Trump’s SCOTUS nominations, and this one will be correct.


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It's a lifetime appointment, so I hope whichever gap toothed liberal POS it is is old so they won't be around for too long.