Supreme Court May Finally Reverse Kamala Harris's Attack on Free Speech


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When Kamala Harris demanded AFP’s donor list, AFP staffers and donors testified about the threats and intimidation they had received before any forced disclosure.

“Our chief operating officer, my boss, Chris Fink, … testified about the threats to him and his family members. They’re just horrible, and I’ll just relate one typical thing that we showed in that courtroom,” Victor Benson, vice president and general counsel at AFP explained back in 2016. “It was a video game produced by the Left, and the concept of the game is an active shooter goes into AFP headquarters, and you get points for killing AFP personnel.”

According to Bernson, Harris wanted the information on AFP donors “to directly harass and intimidate our donors, maybe bring audits against them, maybe deny them permits that they’re seeking — but it goes beyond that. She was also going to leak this stuff to her pals … because they were going to get out their boycotting forces, and show up at people’s businesses, and blockade their doors, and go into people’s homes, destroy their property, and protest all day long, and just make their personal lives miserable.”

While this may sound like a conspiracy theory, the attorney general of Michigan, Dana Nessel, singled out SPLC-accused “hate groups” for government surveillance in announcing a new “hate crimes unit.” TMLC has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to probe just how closely the SPLC worked with Nessel to launch this attack.

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