Supreme Court Warm-Up


No Use for Donk Twits
So today is hopefully the big day. Aside from Obamacare (which, don't get cocky) and U.S. v. Arizona (again, don't get cocky) the Court has four other argued cases pending. In a normal year, three of these would be major cases on everyone's radar, but they've been kind of drowned out by the two big cases.

United States v. Alvarez, on the constitutionality of the Stolen Valor Act. This one is a free speech case asking whether Congress violated the First Amendment by criminalizing lies about whether a person has received military medals or other honors.
Supreme Court Warm-Up

We'll see how this goes.


I'm all about free speech as long as it doesn't harm someone else. Lying about whether you received a medal in military service? There's something that I just can't get myself to accept as part of free speech; especially if someone uses such a lie to gain an advantage in getting a job or someone other personal benefit.