Suspicious package / police activity near Breton Bay?


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Thanks to several good samaritans looking out for the "little old lady" with a bandaged hand and shopping cart who'd just gotten out of surgery. One loaned her money for coffee and a banana at the McKays cafe (it was supposed to be outpatiend surgery and home and she only brought ID with her). Another "medical person" found her transportation to a friend's house nearby.


I'd find me something good to eat off the shellf at McKays and have a nice meal.


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From that:
Investigation revealed an unattended bag was left in the fast food restaurant.

Numerous attempts were made by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office to locate the owner with negative results.

So does that mean somebody left their purse and everybody's :jameo:?

I know my comments sounds insensitive, but "numerous attempts to locate owner" sounds more like it was something with identification in it, rather than a ticking box wrapped with a shoestring.



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heard that they did find the owner.
He realized he had a knife in the bag and was headed to court, so he left it at the McDonalds

We joke about the "over reaction", but it's really a sad statement that we have to teach employees to "report suspicious packages or bags left unattended" and to "alert authorities".
Then it turns out some duffass forgets his bag.