Tackle Box broken into...guns stolen


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I'm taking it to extremes? LMAO. Okey dokey. I'll put my pitchfork away now.

How hard would it be to make absolutely 100% certain that nothing could ever stolen from the building ever again? Because if another theft did occur anyway..clearly not enough was done to prevent it and he oughta be shut down.


I didn't ask that....I asked how long it would take you to fab up something easily mounted at the end of the day that would increase the time it would take the bad guys 5 minute or more to defeat?

You cant stop them, but you can make it hard enough that they have a much greater chance of getting caught or giving up. You have the skills, the key is to think like the bad guy, and find ways to slow him down. Bolt cutters for locks? They make locks that are pretty damn hard to cut, smash, or pick. I'm thinking of the type we used on explosive storage mags, although that might be overkill.


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When I saw the thread title, I was all ready to beat up on the store owners for not securing their store better. They've had thefts in the past, and a stolen gun from their store killed someone.

But if the thieves are willing/able to knock a hole through the wall, I don't know what else they can do. I hope they at least have some good quality cameras in/around the store that can help identify the criminals.

Yeah there is......you dont leave all those fine handguns sitting pretty in their business hours glass cases and make them easy for thugs to bash and dash.

You put them ALL up in quality safe(s) every night and drag them out the next day. Pain in the ass? You bet. But it's the only way you limit the liability. Hardware on the street is a worst case senerio even if they grab significant quanties of ammo that enables predisposed criminal intent.

Less than that borders on criminal negligence.

EDIT: I read through much of the thread since this post and see that others have said as much before me. So DITTO DAT.

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And just to touch on Vrais comment on the safe being stolen, that's a failure in safe choice/installation. Again, they can take any safe, but if you make it too hard to get out. The average burglar will grab a safe like this.......

Sentry Safe Fire Safe Waterproof Security Chest 40 Lb 036 Cu Ft by Office Depot

Really only flood or fire protection from these.

Even this, at 85lbs, would maybe get snatched.....

Sentry Safe Fire Safe Combination Safe 12 Cubic Foot Capacity Gunmetal Gray by Office Depot

If the safe were hard mounted, like this

Honeywell Wall Safe model 2070

Would be much harder for the average burglar to deal with. Battery powered sawzall or enthusiastic work with a sledge could get it free, but %90 of the smash and grabbers wouldnt even bother unless they knew for sure you kept jewels or drugs in it.


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It could be sheathed with 1/4" A-36 steel plate too. Or titanium....ballistic Kevlar.....all three...

I'm pretty sure Ken was looking at those block walls and musing: "Ya know..I bet somebody is going to bust a hole right through that soon. I oughta spend a lot of money to armor the building."

That's what I would have done.

He could, or he could simply section off that part of the store with those folding metal gates, the kind they put in the front of stores to keep people from busting out the glass to get in. Secure that one area more, not the entire store.
Or, as mentioned above, put a dog in the store over night. The store is not isolated and the police response was good, add that little extra deterrent.


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I have not read this entire thread, but only a few posts towards the end. Why do people expect the owner of a business to fortify it like Fort Knox. The guy has a locking front door, a security system, and an insurance policy. What more is needed? If the owner is willing to pay the insurance premiums and the 24hr monitoring service, he should not have to do any more to protect his business. Isn't the thief the criminal in this situation?


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I don't understand who is still insuring him, sounds like he has a turnstile installed for burglars; ONE AT A TIME, FELLOWS. PLENTY OF GUNS FOR EVERYONE :shrug: