Tavern at the Village


A few weeks ago we were having dinner at the Tavern. The waiter told us they will be closing the restaurant in Wildewood (or at least making it "special occasion only") and opening up another one in Lexington Park.

Does anyone know anything about this?

I hope that the atmosphere will be comparable to the Tavern. I need a romantic place to go with my S.O.!


Must be a result of the wonderful reviews they have been getting lately. :biggrin:


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I think the former Chef at the Tavern is now at the new Dougherty center by gate one. They will be having wine dinners and such on a monthly basis. There is one next Friday night.


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Yes the former chef is now at the Conference Center. I am getting married there and he is not the head chef there. I am not sure about the moving thing but thats where he is.


From what I understand, there will be another restaurant infront of Mantech, Raytheon and EMA complex, across the street from the Hampton. There was a sign there advertising "Fresh Oyster Bar" a few months ago.
Rob at the Conference Center will not be at this place.