Teen Vogue goes off the rails


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WTH is wrong with these freaks?? How are parents allowing their teens to read crap like that?


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I'll give Areu credit -- she did her best to make Lindin look rational with her tweet. "She was defending it saying that it would be wrong, but microscopic in the sense that what happens to women and women’s reputations is so much worse than what would happen to a man’s reputation. Women’s reputations are destroyed constantly on a daily basis," she argued.

Unfortunately, that's not really what Lindin said, now was it?

Oh, don't get me wrong, she did say that women should be believed and all that, but it doesn't change the fact that this woman still claimed that she was fine with innocent people being destroyed over false allegations.

Folks, let's be clear for a moment. No one thinks it's good when victims are disbelieved. No one at all. The vast majority believe the guilty should be punished.

But there's no excuse for people to justify destroying innocent lives as some kind of vindictive payback for perceived injustices.