Teenage Diver Finds Tons Of Golf Balls


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A diver in California has stumbled on an unexpected source of plastic waste in the ocean: golf balls.

As the balls degrade, they can emit toxic chemicals. And there appear to be lots of them in certain places underwater — right next to coastal golf courses.

Two years ago, a 16-year old diver named Alex Weber was swimming off Pebble Beach along the Pacific near Carmel, Calif. "My dad raised me underwater," says Weber, and she means it. She's a free diver: no scuba tanks; she just holds her breath. She was diving in a small cove and looked down and saw something weird. "You couldn't see the sand," she recalls, still sounding incredulous. "It was completely white."

White with golf balls. "You looked down and you're like, 'What are you doing here?' "


Over two years, they found more than 50,000 golf balls. The source: five golf courses. Two along the coastline, and three up the Carmel River — those golf balls rolled underwater down the river to the ocean.


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When you drive around South Korea, you see, often from quite a distance, these odd looking features here there and everywhere....very tall nets (75...100'?) completely surrounding what you eventually discover is a patch of golf course..are even only a driving range. Surrounded by houses and buildings. The South Koreans are crazy about playing golf but have so little land to put courses on..so they cram them on to small lots and put up the nets around them.

The net structures are ugly though.