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So, the completed carrier. The green thing the totes are sitting on is the carrier for the solar panel. End cap comes off and the panel just slides in. As you can see, lots of stowage up to 800 pounds. With the top secured in the "tall" position, I can put in tall things, like bicycles as well as all the camp gear. If it's just camp gear, the top comes down to the low profile mode, easier to tow without the wind resistance.

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Wow, lots of room for stuff. Is it easy to get the bins in/out or would rollers under the green thing help?


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Been busy the past week working on projects. I ordered and installed a set of tail/brake lights on the pop-up trailer. I don't want them to blink, just tail and brake, so I had to order a 2 to 3 wire converter that separates out the brake from the turn signals on a single wire. Waiting on that, it's in Philly today. Might also add a strobe to the brake lights for a little more visibility.

I did set the trailer up and figure out the bedding. Trailer came with self-inflating memory foam cushions, but they really aren't thick enough for this old body. I had a queen sized memory foam topper for a bed, so I cut that to fit. Between the self-inflating mats, the memory foam and the sleeping bag, it's pretty comfy. And it all rolls up and fits in the forward storage compartment.

Going back and forth on how to transport the solar panel. Originally thought of securing it to the roof racks on the trailer, but wasn't thrilled with that, afraid the bouncing would crack it. Tried to figure out a way to just slide it into the trailer, but I'd have to raise the pop-up to it's max height while on the road, and didn't really want to do that either. Designed and built a carrier that rests on the floor of the trailer, and the solar panel slides into it. Lined with foam to protect the panel, and designed it to carry waterproof tubs to carry all my gear. Also designed a stronger forward section to carry the weight of the solar charger and battery. Just finished putting it all together. Forgot to take pics before I stowed it, so I'll provide some when the weather breaks this weekend. I have a couple while I was building it:
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no porta potty?