Tesla Sentry Mode catches another A-hole.


Power with Control
So, for those just catching up, there was a string or break-ins to Teslas targeting a small rear window that would allow a thief to smash a small piece of glass pretty quietly, then drop the rear seatbacks to see if there were itens to be stolen in the trunk. Owners asked for help, Tesla rolled out Sentry Mode. If you bought the Autopilot driver assist features, that comes with eight cameras. Sentry mode enables those to record like a security camera when someone gets to close. If they persist, it plays some classical music loudly. Later updates added HALs glowing "eye" on the touchscreen when it's active :)

In this case, A-hole neighbor sprayed a caustic solution all around the sides of the car. Other cases have been hit and runs, people keyng the crap out of the car, throwing eggs at them, etcetera.


As a side note, that's one of the cooler things is that updates like this roll out to every car they ever made that can support it with hardware. Your 2012 Tesla has the cameras? Bam, you get a cool new feature in 2019. For no money, it just appears in your car.