The 60 minutes interview


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So no comments today about our inept, incompetent, unfit President's interview last night?

Here's the transcript:

Go read it....then try to rationalize that this man is suited for the job he holds.

In the opening round he flip flops on his position on climate it is not a hoax.

Next he goes into the issue with the journalist and Saudi Arabia. SA denies they did anything so that is good enough from Trump. Which is his response to just about long as someone makes a denial, then they didn't do it. (Of course this Trump rule only applies to people who do business with Trump)

Then there is a rambling nonsense discourse about North Korea. He obviously has no knowledge of anything as it relates to...well anything. He has no command of the subject. He had no details. He offers no factual evidence of any point he makes. When he is cornered and his ignorance is exposed he reverts back to "but I am the best!"..."I have done more than anyone, ever!" bullsh!t. At the end of this section, he claims victory because there are "no more threats". HE was the one who initiated and ratcheted up all the threats.

Next up is China, which he also works in the EU. Trump obviously still has no concept of how international trade works.

Of course Putin comes up: and of course Trump still can't admit what everyone knows. He can't categorically state that Russia interfered in our election. Now instead of the fat guy on the couch China was also involved. He makes the ridiculous claim that he was so tough on Putin in private. He can't bring himself to confirm that Russia poisoned the folks in the UK.

He rambles on when asked directs questions about immigration and family separation. His final response is "it is the same as Obama". That's all the President of the United States can think of as a response.

He then blames Obama and the Kavanuagh hearing for the polarization in America.

When he is called out for his infantile and idiotic comments about Ms. Ford in his campaign speech he responds in his typically infantile manner:
President Donald Trump: W-- you know what? I'm not gonna get into it because we won. It doesn't matter. We won.
So that is all there is to this at all costs...f***the country...f*** the Office of the is all about and ONLY about Donald Trump.

He ends up claiming that his administration is a smooth running machine with "phenomenal" people waiting in the wings. Which is interesting given that he was already supposed to have the best people when he came in...and the names he floats now want nothing to do with him.

Overall this was typical Donald Trump. Unprepared...belligerent...and quite ignorant. He has no grasp of anything. He gets himself into constant trouble because he is too stupid to shut up and wait for the he rambles...he interrupts...he makes comments that are provably false. He is a disgrace...just as he has been since the day he walking into the WH.