The 9 Most Preposterous Parts Of Melissa Click’s Absurd


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The 9 Most Preposterous Parts Of Melissa Click’s Absurd Résumé

4. “Saving food: Finding the politics of the everyday in food preservation. Environmental Communication, 4, 301-317”

Here, Click manages to spend 15 pages describing how the act of canning food can help destroy capitalism.

“Unlike the dominant discourses of food movements, which encourage an individualistic, consumer-oriented politics, food preservation emphasizes connection and relationships and thus has the potential to subvert the capitalistic logic of the global agro-food industry,” Click writes.

5. “Center for Arts and Humanities Grant, University of Missouri. Awarded to support travel to attend TwiCon in Dallas, TX for study of Twilight fans.”

That’s right, in 2009 Click received taxpayer funding to attend a Twilight fan convention.

6. “The trouble with Thomas: A closer look at the popular children’s Series.”

Apparently, there is something highly problematic inherent in the Thomas the Tank Engine series. Alas, the book is not out yet, so once again readers will have to wait before devouring Click’s savory scholarly insights about this troubling program.

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AT LAST! Mizzou Has Officially Fired Both Employees Who Bullied Students During Mob Protests

Officials at the University of Missouri’s flagship campus in Columbia have finally rid themselves of the administrator and the professor who physically and verbally attacked student journalists during the eruption of Black Lives Matter protests that rocked the school’s campus in November 2015.

The firing of both taxpayer-funded employees — mass communication professor Melissa Click and senior associate director for Greek life Janna Basler — took 20 months.

Basler, the Greek life director, shoved up against a lone student photographer Tim Tai as he attempted to capture images for a local newspaper.


Basler’s name — Dr. Janna Basler — was quietly removed from a list of staff members in the student life section of the public school’s website during the reorganization.

Then, on Monday, school officials confirmed to local ABC affiliate KMIZ that Basler had, in fact, finally received walking papers.

Basler’s firing comes some 17 months after Mizzou’s board of curators voted 4-2 to dismiss Click, the taxpayer-funded professor, for threatening student journalist Mark Schierbecker with mob violence because he was attempting to cover on-campus protests.