The Academy Awards


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How many of us will not be watching the over-inflated egos of Hollywood lovefest-buttsmoochers-and Republican POTUS-bashing awards show tonight? :coffee:

:howdy: I won't!


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Nor I. I see very few movies so their self-congratulating means nothing to me, and I absolutely don't care about their political rantings.


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We will hear all about it tomorrow. Oh, well. :frown:
We'll here how forty overweened egos jumped on Trump for doing too much of something and not enough of the other thing and thinking they've made a difference by doing it.


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Maybe, if Hollywood would focus on their craft, instead of politics, this kind of screw up wouldn't happen! Loving it! :killingme: wrong announcement&qs=bs&form=QBRE

How could they screw that up? Oh wait, never mind! Talk about La La Land! Best ending, ever! :killingme:

I never heard of Moonlight. Did y'all? Oh wait, I just looked it up. It is about a gay black man. Never mind. :killingme:

The fact that part of the Oscar set collapsed today didn't seem to phase the Hollyweirds. Here's your sign, you self absorbed, over bloated, self important human beings that we can, actually, live with out. Hello? I like my VHS home movies much better.
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Read about Moonlight this morning. I guess there's a bit of irony there, but I really don't care.

Maybe I need to watch it again, although the main reason I don't watch the Oscars is, I really only care about three awards - Picture, Actor, Actress.
And it lasts as long as the Super Bowl with MUCH less entertainment value. I don't care about the speeches, even if they're long drawn out thank you's.
I'm annoyed at the ever increasing pattern of releasing Oscar contenders right before or in some cases, AFTER the awards, into theaters.
I've certainly noticed a pattern of "movies for the masses" - and "movies we make to get awards".
More and more, movies that win accolades just don't sell as well at the box office, which leads me to believe that Hollywood has a very different idea of what a good movie is than I do.


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Havent watched in years. Honestly, I don't watch any award shows. Well, except for the CMA's and I was so disappointed in that a couple of years ago, I don't really catch that anymore.


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I've save a lot of time and money over the years avoiding anything labeled "Sundance Film Festival" or "Academy Award Winner"

They might as well have labeled them as "Sucks" or "Sucks Too - The Sequel"