The B-52 Will Fly and Fight for 100 Years


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The U.S. Air Force ordered 102 B-52H bombers during the Cold War, with the first planes delivered in May 1961. The old eight-engined warhorse has been in continuous service ever since, flying combat missions over the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The Air Force plans to keep flying the remaining 76 B-52Hs through 2050, with some almost certainly flying until 2061. The B-52H will be the longest serving warplane in history, serving longer than the newer B-1B and B-2A bombers.


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That's nice and all, but there's still a concern about aging airframes, as well as high-time on major components.


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Wing spars corrode and crack, it's one hell of an airplane no doubt and even has a few Migs to it's tail stinger but it's very old and tired.