The caged animal lashes out


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I'll link to the VOX summary since I figure most of you can't/won't pay for a WSJ subscription.

A new report says Trump was directly involved in campaign finance crimes
...according to a new Wall Street Journal report, Trump was deeply involved in those hush payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, who had alleged sexual encounters with him. He was “involved in or briefed on nearly every step,” reporters Joe Palazzolo, Nicole Hong, Michael Rothfeld, Rebecca Davis O’Brien, and Rebecca Ballhaus write.

That matters because, as a candidate for office, Trump may have violated campaign finance law by not disclosing these payments. Cohen has already pleaded guilty to two campaign finance charges in connection with all this back in August.


The new Journal report fills out more details in the story of what exactly prosecutors have learned Trump knew about the hush money — and it turns out to be a lot.

1) Trump discussed the scheme with David Pecker very early on:...

2) Trump knew all about the Karen McDougal payment: ...

3) Cohen says Trump told him to make the Stormy Daniels payment:
On top of this Mueller is back in the news again. More close races are going against the Rs (not that Trump gives a damn about the Rs). North Korea walked away from meetings. He's is facing serious backlash over his firing of Sessions.

So...Trump is doing what he always does...picks fights with anyone anywhere to get the sheep to look away. George Conway, Michelle Obama, Jeff Flake, French President Macron, any election official anywhere.

He'll say doesn't matter how stupid, ignorant or patently long as it draws the attention of the ignorati away from the sh!tstorm that is swirling around Trump's empty head again.


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Tranny will say doesn't matter how stupid, ignorant or patently long as it draws the attention keeps paying the bills There is a nasty sh!tstorm that is swirling around Tranny's empty head again.
Fixed it for you dingbat.,


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Nobody cares about you or your dime store fictional pieces Brony.
You're a Liberal turd with nothing to offer


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So, something is alleged without evidence that has essentially zero chance of a successful prosecution of campaign finance law.

Whew, that's what works you up?