The Commanders and Danny boy


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Listening to sports guy Stevee Buckance (sp?) speculate on the Commanders soiled reputation this morning, he said something like it was all Snyders fault, poor player choices, bad new name choice, blahblahblah.... but this year, due only to a new owner, by golly, the Glory Days are here again!! Feel the anticipated excitement??? !!! Do ya?? I dont

he and his host missed the 17,000 pound gorilla in the room. "Joe 6 pack" who watches football, wants a relief from work, politics and P.C. He/She dont wanna be hit in the face with politics, George Floyds, quotas, overpaid goons who cant spell dog or cat. And for goodness sakes, "playas" that wont come out for the National Anthem or decide to kneel and turned their backs. It's the whole NFL.

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DS was snake bit from his first day of ownership. I bet he thought he'd have multiple trophies by now. Instead his skinnies rarely won a playoff game during his tenure.

This shows how long the tenacles of cancel culture can reach. The wokesters got a billionaire NFL owner tossed out of the league. The only difference between a cancelled billionaire and Joe the plumber being cancelled is they at least let danny boy save face by making it appear the sale of the team was his idea all along.


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If Snyder had actually hired NFL GMs instead his racquetball buddies who didn't treat the team as a fantasy football team then I think the team would have had more success. Adam Archuletta, Bruce Smith, Haynesworth, using a draft pick for a punter, need I say more?
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I think I have watched a total of one whole game since Steve Grogan retired, in 1990.