The dark undercurrents that might have influenced Buffalo & Uvalde


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I always have reasons (and receipts) for what I think; here is what I have so far.

1. There is currently an investigation into the Buffalo shooter possibly having been in contact with a retired fed.
2. The Uvalde shooter had turned 18 just days before the shooting. Yet somehow, this boy, bullied for being poor, was able to acquire some very expensive guns.
3. The Uvalde police barred parents from attempting to save their children.
4. The Uvalde police stood in the hallways of the school (19 of them vs one shooter, just for reference) as gunshots were audible in the building and 911 calls were being made from the classrooms. Why? (Typing this gives me goosebumps, for the record. It feels like writing about some of the worst people in the world to ever passively allow evil to happen.)
5. The Uvalde police barred federal officers from breaching the school. A BorTac officer literally took his barber's shotgun and helped evacuate the school before the Uvalde police did anything, reminding us, thankfully, that there are still good people in the world, and sometimes they’re courageous enough to act on it.
6. The Uvalde police waited an HOUR for SWAT backup as children were being shot and calling 911 from the classrooms.

As an errant thought before I conclude, I absolutely DO think it’s yet another weird coincidence that, given how little Hispanics care for Democrats right now, this horrific tragedy should happen in a conservative, Hispanic community like Uvalde. Also fascinating to me: Buffalo schools will now no longer allow even PARENTS to enter school grounds — a rather convenient way to prevent parents from seeing what’s being taught. Too conspiratorial? Still weird.