The Defense Department is cracking down


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"The new policy exempts pregnant and postpartum service members, but they are the only group getting a pass in the policy."

Because of course they are. Chicken-sh*tz are too afraid to enforce that policy equally. If it's good for the gander, it damn well ought to be good for the goose. Let's see what happens when the trannys are non-deployable because of sex change operations. How much you want to bet the other protected classes start getting their very own passes?

"Troops who have been non-deployable for more than a year may obtain a waiver from the secretary of their military department to stay in the service."

Yeah, right. Ain't nobody upline willing to fight that fight, Sparky; that's a career-killer and they're not going to kill their careers for your ass. You're non-deployable, you might as well pack your friggin' seabag.