The Dirty Bookstore in LP City

Disco Stu

Shut Up Little Man!!!!
I'd worry more about the "jimmies"......... :)
You have no idea how weird and creepy the guys were that hung out in there. They were the bottom of the barrel types. The sorts who always get kicked out of a half way house and get fired from jobs like school bus drivers for reasons "they won't get into.". This is years before we had sex predator laws.

When Rosie's would close they would go to the donut shop and then the bookstore and end up with.... Rosey. And maybe some hairy man-holes, with mustaches or hairy knuckles, or hairy butt cracks. The mustaches were of the 70s John Holmes style.

I am not sure if they swung both ways or what, but my current theory is they were rejected by women so often in life for being the town weirdos in Lexington Park, they eventually just pleasured each other and ate donuts together.

Back and forth they went.... donuts and boners, boners and donuts....