The electronic spies lurking in our pockets are now justice's greatest tools


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The mountain of electronic data that was paraded through this South Carolina courtroom most certainly helped sealed Alex's fate. And it is this type of data that nearly every one of us carries as we go about our daily lives.

It was jaw-dropping to learn during this trial that a simple cell phone will record, for posterity, nearly every instance of its own movement when the device's backlight is activated.

There's also a record made of every change from portrait mode to landscape mode when a phone is lifted to the face.

We all know it happens. We just didn't know that all those movements are tucked away, in a tiny memory vault located deep inside the device.

And so, when experts testified about Maggie's phone moving after her death, it gave us a striking glimpse into what might have been going on.

The expert testimony suggested Alex was holding her phone in one hand and his phone in the other, while calling her to leave a phony alibi message.

As a former attorney, he may have been trying to fool future investigators into thinking that he was calling her from the main house to tell her that he was off to visit his aging mom.

But when dead Maggie's phone was lifted, the screen changed from landscape to portrait. One could almost picture Alex fumbling the phones in his hands.

The problem for Alex was that Maggie's phone recorded the movement two seconds before Alex's call came in. It certainly appeared that he was watching her phone to confirm that his call was received.

Also jarring, was the realization that the phone will log every step you take, even if you're not hooked up to a fitness app and tracking them.



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If you're going to murder your wife and child, don't use your cellphone or theirs.