The end of PJ1?


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On the flip side, remember the races when Goodyear was always tweaking the tire formula and got it wrong sometimes? Thinking out loud, PJ1 probably allowed Goodyear to narrow their tire tire variations.


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There was a time when NASCAR used a "softer tire" on smoother/slick tracks and a "harder tire" on rough tracks; like Darlington. Get rid of PJ1 and go back to tire rubber formulas.....or was PJ1 supposed to be a "money saver?"
It was originally supposed to increase grip in the corners to create an outside line, and that in turn was supposed to improve the racing by creating more passing opportunities. Key word here: originally

I think it has evolved since then, and one reason is probably what STGI said. It has allowed Goodyear to reduce there tire formulas and inventory, and like you said: save money.