The Fallen


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An elderly Catholic priest was becoming dismayed at what he was hearing in confession about people committing adultery. Finally, at a Sunday service, he let the congregation know that if he heard about adultery one more time at confession, he would quit and leave town the next day. Well the people really liked the old guy, and they did not want to lose him, so they came up with a code word to replace adultery, and that new word was "fallen".

The old priest passed away, and was replaced by a young priest. after a few weeks of hearing "fallen" in confession, he went down to see the mayor, who was one of the parishioners. He said "Mayor, you have to do something about our sidewalks and curbs in this town". The mayor looks at him and asks why. The priest says "people are falling all over the place and way too often". The mayor, in on the code word, said he would look into it.

"You'd better", said the priest. "Why?" asked the mayor.

"Because your wife has fallen three times this week"....... :drummer: