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It's amazing: These people use hate and partisanship to preach against hate and partisanship, and expect Americans to fall for it.

And about half of America does evidently.


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Just shows how easily manipulated the cultbots are. Beschcloss wouldn't say stupid crap like this if he didn't have an enthusiastic audience for it. I have no doubt that if I click on that tweet to see the replies, many of them will be durhards going, "Yeah! He like a dictator and chit! ORANGE MAN BAD!" Progs love to gobble propaganda so they can keen in the streets over bullshit.
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Beschloss is considered a presidential historian and is an author of several books. Allegedly these books are history books, but if you are writing a book with an extreme bias, then how can it be "history"?

@vraiblonde usually "ORANGE MAN BAD!" is the basis of most of Beschloss' tweets.