The Games (Sovetskii) People Play(ed)


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If this is of interest I would encourage you to read the whole article. A riveting read (especially if you've lived some of this/something like this).


Link: COLD WAR TARGETS: Disgraced U.S. Air Force officers were set up, newly uncovered Stasi documents reveal

Burhans and Tonge did not remain close, yet they remain forever linked. They agree that the discovery of their Stasi dossiers has helped to set the record straight and exonerate them.

“For me, the most unusual part of the story is finding written evidence that the Soviets drugged us,” said Tonge, now 85 and living in Charleston, S.C. “It would have been good to have had that information when Berlin authorities were treating it as an ‘alcohol-related incident.’”

I had a professional acquaintance whose career ended when his US military vehicle was rammed (intentionally) at high speed by Soviet (GSFG) troops and he broke his back. This "stuff" was the real deal. 'Nuff said.

What tears me up (if you chose to read the article) was how the Air Force handled the incident. So, oh so very, Air Force. Shame on the USAF, frankly. My service (Army) has had its share of infamous, bungled decisions, but this one (by the USAF) really is an award winner.

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