The Green New Deal is about power, not the planet


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Klein is a left-wing agitator whose 2015 book argued climate change provided a perfect excuse to abridge economic freedom and build a command economy. As a sympathetic left-wing reviewer put it, “Klein suggests that climate change presents an opportunity to build political power on a vast scale

The Green New Deal rallies have all featured a video Klein co-produced, narrated by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., that tries to bundle their proposed windmill subsidies with “Medicare for all,” a “jobs guarantee” including a “public option,” universal child care, and “publicly funded election campaigns.”

In other words, signing up for the Green New Deal means signing up for a massive government takeover of the economy.

“Medicare for all” really means socialized health insurance, which means no private health insurance, which means government direction of the healthcare sector, which means government control over our most intimate, consequential decisions.