The 'It's Easier To Buy A Gun Than Cold Medicine'


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I went to Walmart with the intention of buying a gun last week as part of an investigation into the placement, selection, marketing, and security of firearms in Walmart's stores, and to learn more about the retailer's processes governing gun sales.

My journey to bring a gun home from Walmart turned out to be far more complicated than I expected.

Walmart has said that about half of its 4,700 US stores sell guns.

I tried to buy a gun at Walmart twice, and roadblocks left me empty-handed both times

Left’s Perspective About Walmart And Guns Shredded By Reporter Who Wanted To Buy A Firearm

For the last couple of weeks, Democratic presidential candidates have attacked Walmart for selling firearms after a few employees of the business giant called for a walkout because the company sells firearms. But as Twitchy noted, a reporter for Business Insider destroyed the perspective the candidates and some gun control advocates were pushing by visiting Walmart and discovering that it is anything but simple to purchase a firearm there.

After news broke of the employees’ call for a walkout, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) snapped, ‘Walmart should respect the voices of its workers who are calling on the company to stop selling guns. I agree. This is exactly why I believe workers deserve representation on their board, so that their views are heeded.”



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A telling quote...
This is exactly why I believe workers deserve representation on their board, so that their views are heeded.”
Note that Bernie didn't say "heard", he said "heeded."
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I thought Gurps was dedicating a thread to Sappy.


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The 'It's Easier To Buy A Gun Than Cold Medicine' Crowd Just Got Slapped With Reality

Peterson, trying to purchase a gun in Virginia, had to fill out the federal 4473 form through the ATF along with one sent to the Virginia State Police. The piece is going to be mocked by the Second Amendment community for sure. It shouldn't be in this case. It details what’s been established law for years. It does a play-by-play of what millions of Americans have already done. She had just moved here, which is where she ran into an obstacle:

Well, yeah—of course, they’re strict. It’s the law. And straw purchasers are prosecuted harshly, as they should. In some states, they’ve increased the penalties. This is all known to most who support gun rights. It’s alien to the liberal media. The article isn’t a hit piece. It actually lays out how background checks are not some imaginary invention—and that retailers do follow the law. Federal gun charges are serious business. It’s also—you know—wrong. Is there room to improve the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)? Yes. The system is only good as the information that’s fed to it, which is why the Sutherland Springs shooting in Texas is so tragic. It was totally preventable, as the Air Force veteran who committed the crime was convicted and sentenced to a year in jail for beating his wife and fracturing the skull of his child. Domestic abusers are barred from owning guns. The FBI was never informed of his conviction because the Air Force never passed along the proper paperwork. Most mass shooters buy their firearms legally, which makes the expanded background check talking point moot, but also a lot have exhibited signs of mental illness. There is no correct profile. The El Paso shooter was a white supremacist. The Dayton shooter was a self-avowed leftist who supported Elizabeth Warren and gun control measures.