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I'm reading Joe Pistone's book Unfinished Business. So bear with me.

It seems the American mafia would have a hard time organizing a 3 car funeral. Lock a gangster up in an empty room with 2 BBs, he'd break 1 and lose the other. Yet they remained a viable enterprise that earned millions of dollars annually. Illegally I might add.

And reading anything about them, these people are super paranoid and don't trust anyone. The slightest insult is met with murder. Yet they managed to outsmart law enforcement until RICO laws were enacted.

So on 1 hand we have smart, talented people who go to work every day and eke out a living. Compared to basis wannabe gangsters, who were probably special ed candidates that earn a king's ransom through vice and intimidation.

As a yute growing up in northern NJ, I had a lot of exposure to people in the life. The older kid that I bought illegal firecracker from when I was 12, went on to become a fed informant. Growing up it wasn't uncommon to be offered to purchase items that fell off trucks, as they say.

In a roundabout way it all goes 360 degrees. I take Vrai to NJ and we go out to eat. I have to take her to somewhere classic. So I take her to the Belmont Tavern. They are famous for their Chicken Savoy or as they claim Stretch's Famous Chicken Savoy. Chicken Savoy or Bloomfield Chicken, when done properly, is the aphrodisiac of chicken dishes. Chicken, herbs, cheese and a splash of red wine vinegar. She's made the dish herself but she wants to go to mecca. So here we are. The place, in my opinion, is a dive. But that is the appeal. It looks like Frank Sinatra will be walking in the door any minute. Typical Belleville, NJ, they only take cash. We have been there 3 times. Vrai orders the same thing every time, bless her heart.

Turns out that the Belmont Tavern was/is a mafioso hangout. I know I was shocked when I discovered that fact.
[FONT=&quot] Steve worked the streets of Jersey from his "headquarters" at the Belmont Tavern on Bloomfield Ave. in Newark. Although he was only half- Italian, and could never be formally made into the mob, he moved with ease between the various families and crews operating in New Jersey. He became driver to a top Bonnano capo, Gerry Chilli, and was part of the inner circle of one of the most respected Gambino mobsters in the Garden State, Jimmy ‘Higgins" Palmieri.[/FONT]

American mob

[FONT=&quot]"There were times I felt like killing myself because of what I had done," Lenehan said in a phone interview from another part of the country where he has reinvented himself. "Cooperating, being ‘a rat,’ is something you never think you’re going to do."

[FONT=&quot]Lenehan frankly admits that he misses the old life — the money, the status, the network of friends and associates all living in that same insular underworld. He would love to return to Bloomfield Avenue in Newark and have a drink in the Belmont Tavern or any one of the other bars and social clubs that were, and he believes still are, wiseguy hangouts.[/FONT]
mobbed up

It hurts my brain when I read these stories by Pistone or Puzo where these gangsters made huge financial gains for very little effort. Yet these same gangsters would have a hard time passing a GED test.

I realize that Southern MD isn't a hotbed of mob activity. But DC is sort of like the mob, just with electoral validation. How many congress critters leave the house or senate millionaires or leave a lot wealthier than when they entered? But I bet not 1 elected official can make a Chicken Savoy worthy of praise.

Stupid is as stupid does.


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So examining traits common to Washington and Costa Nostra... the secret to success is graft, self-promotion, ruthlessness and lack of a conscience.


Awww, jeez
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I would think, having some government officials on the payroll, probably helped with the success of the mob.
Decades ago the mafia had the trifecta of judges, police & the media in their pockets.

Living in south Florida in the 80s, they'd have huge drug busts with tons of cash to boot. I wonder how tempting it was for the first 2 cops in to grab $10K each out of the $100K+ stack of bills. $80K is still a lot to turn over.


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How many congress critters leave the house or senate millionaires or leave a lot wealthier than when they entered?
Probably pretty easy when you are not subjected to the same insider trading rules and regulations as every other person or company are.