The MPD thread made me think of the old forums


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Crazy how the forum has totally flipped... Now, not so interesting and no laughs... Wonder what sucked the fun out this place. I'm guessing the incessant posting of politics.

everyone left .......



wonderful glad to see you back! :thewave:

:lmao: fun times!

See, and he didn't even register with me. Smooth (yes, you!) was probably #1 dick with me, followed fairly closely by Black Francis (yes, you!).

PS, Smooth is the reason we can't have nice things anymore. :smack:
Sorry, you know deep down inside, you love me :love:

Good 'ol Smooth! He and a few other made this place fun and interesting.

My favorite drama pair were nitwhit (pegleg) and Juggy, they were such a cute couple (kind of like Harley Quinn and the Joker).



Darwin was right
What about mamatutu and all of the MPDs tied to her? Like Whack-A Mole...every time one went away, another popped up.