The new Sonic Drive-In


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The only reason I give a damn about Sonic is because they have Chicago dogs, with which I am infatuated. So what would be great is if they'd delay the Golden Corral until the day after Sonic opens. That way all the folks who would normally flock to the Sonic and clog it up for months on end will have two new places to choose from, and ideally the AYCE buffet will win, then I can have my dog in peace without having to wade through a bunch of tot heads to get it.
I ate at a Sonic once in Salisbury MD. where my son goes to school, and i actually thought it was pretty good and enjoyed it.
:yay: We stopped at a Sonic on the way back from Florida the last couple of times. I think it was in NC, but not right off the Interstate - Thing2 found it by looking it up on the cellphone. It wasn't too far off the beaten path, so I relented. (Maybe it was because I'd been driving since 5 am, but) I thought they had very good drive-in style burgers! :yum:


I've grown to like Sonic, didn't before, but they tore ours down and built a brand new one and it's been better. Love the pretzel dogs. The thing I hate are their commercials, the two idiots they have on them need to go.


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Anything pretzel does not even appeal to me. I don't care for them. I agree, the ads are stupid.


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There you all go again, you fancy schmancy St. Mary's county people getting all this new stuff and stores, and meanwhile us Cal. Co. folks don't get anything. Guess i will just kick rocks.
From what I've heard there will 6 locations throughout Southern Maryland. Not sure on timing though.


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Looks like to me that construction has started on the new Sonic Drive-In. On my way home from work yesterday I saw earth moving equipment in the vacant lot at Lexington Village shopping center.


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I went once in Fredericksburg.
Walked around it twice looking for the door before I figured out there isn't one
My first time I waltzed right into the kitchen. They actually do have some now that have insides, we occasionally stop at the one in... somewhere... Mebane (?), NC and it has indoor seating. Found one in GA that had a really nice outdoor play area that was completely enclosed by fencing. Of course the kids chose that moment to fall asleep, so it was rather wasted.

I dunno, I always get really excited about eating there because it's something you can't get here. Hubs and I will stop, we'll eat and we'll be all "That was really... okay."

Probably a good thing the place won't be open until milkshake season is done. I looked at the calorie counts :faint: I'd have to run all the way from my house to the Sonic (couple of miles) and then run all the way back to burn off half the calories from it.



Really wish they'd do new ads without these idiots. They must show this commercial 1000 times a day.