The NFL can now be called the Nations Felons Losers heres the line up:


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in lieu of football, challengers to rape burn and pillage opponents city:

Portland vs. San Fransisco
Seattle vs. LA
Austin City vs. the team from DC...


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They should allow the players to have the names of police officers murdered on their helmets too.


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If I may ...
If I may ...

Well? As soon as these "leagues", NFL, NBA, start to represent the actual population percentages, (you know real diversity and all that), I won't be watching them. Just way too many ferals. And their nappy headed knotted roped unnatural hair braids only scream for attention, which I won't give. And ya know something? As I hearken back to my HS gym class days? Ferals really really really stink to high heaven. The worse place to be was in the locker/shower area after workouts or games. At times, the stench unbearable. Can't image what a NFL or NBA locker room is like. Wonder if there is a proper ventilation system in those places?