The Oscars


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Still held out hope that Maverich would win, but one thing I've noticed about the Oscars for the last -- about twenty years ---

Best Picture always manages to go to a film I've never heard of, never saw and if I tried, bored me so strongly I couldn't make it through.
I tried with this year's winner - and it might as well have been an intentional lullaby.

What is it now, with Hollywood? It used to be the most enjoyed, most popular movie would win - The Godfather - Rocky - Platoon - Dances with Wolves - Silence of the Lambs - and so on. Not ONLY that, but other nominees were ALSO movies you enjoyed - Star Wars - Raiders of the Lost Ark - E.T. - Field of Dreams - Ghost - Pulp Fiction.

There's always been this current of nominating and voting for art pieces - movies that are hip, full of art and creativity - but not one you'd enjoy.

I looked at the winners for the last ten years - never saw a single one of them. THEN I looked at the nominees - about a dozen I've seen - out of a total of about 70.

I do GET why a Best Actor or Actress might appear in a more artsy film - good acting performances don't always equal something you'd like to watch. I cringe at the seriously awful acting performance of Stallone in Rocky. Yeah, I know he's an actor playing a bum in Philly - but he's awful. But Rocky won for Best Picture, because THE STORY it told was inspiring. And the images. And the music. It - was - fun - to watch. EVERYONE KNOWS Rocky - least of all the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the whole city itself.

NOW - it seems that "Best" anything means, it has to be some new ground breaking territory. Michele Yeoh made the typical "someone who looks like me" crap, and I thought - "oh please - they didn't even NOMINATE you for Crouching Tiger - and they should have". Right now, the purpose of the awards seems to be virtue signaling. As in, look how woke we are.

I just read an article about how "Maverick" pretty much pulled Hollywood films back from extinction - previously, people JUST WERE NOT GOING TO THE MOVIES, preferring to just see them at home. The popcorn ALONE from Maverick outsold all of this year's nominees. Why couldn't they just thank Cruise for it?