The Paul Pelosi hammer attack video has officially been released.


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Gotta admit, it totally confirms everything everyone said. Pelsoi looks like he just got out of bed - looks like he tried to defuse the situation and when the cops arrive, crazy guy is trying to pretend "we're all ok officer, I'm just standing here with a hammer which Paul is trying to pull out of my hand for some reason".

It also makes abundantly clear - this guy isn't political or has an agenda - he is just 100% bat chit crazy. You can see his eyes. Guy is first rate nuts.


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Surveillance video does show the guy breaking into the home. Sorry, I don't have a way to post the link.


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If anything should prove to Pelosi and the rest of the dim witted Democrats that guns are not the problem this should.
If Paul had a gun this guy would be laying in the floor with his hammer in his hand.

That's the way it would have played out in most houses where people are armed.