The Plug Has Been Pulled on CNN!


the poor dad
I have been taking cruise vacations for 20+ years and there has always been two things you can bet the farm on that will be on a cruise ship - Buffets and CNN on your stateroom TV. Well apparently one of those can no longer be counted on. During last week's cruise there was no CNN or SkyNews on my stateroom television, but Fox, MSNBC, & BBC were still present, though FoxNews has not always been available on cruiseTV. It was a great vacation!
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First of all, where'd you go and how was it?

Second, Monello and I are noticing a distinct lack of CNN at the bars etc we've been in the last year or so. Our last RV park didn't even have it on the cable lineup. Curious if they still have a lock at the airports?


the poor dad
First - We went to Key West, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. It was HOT! But we've been to all the ports before so was mainly going for the relaxation on the ship and the unlimited food AND alcohol.

Second - I have noticed that more public places are playing less CNN. I wasn't in airports long enough last week to notice what was on the tube but did notice in one of our hotel stays that FoxNews was on instead of CNN.