The Problem of False Chinese Economic Data


PREMO Member
Although the communist regime claims the economic numbers it reports are factual, a new report by the New York Federal Reserve shows China’s gross domestic product growth volatility is incredibly—and unbelievably—low compared to other countries.

The report details how China’s reported data is too smooth over time compared to authentic statistics, and debunks it further by comparing it with other sources of information, such as satellite images of nighttime lights, which reveal wider fluctuations in economic activity than the official Chinese statistics.

Unfortunately, opaqueness in Chinese GDP growth rates is just the tip of an iceberg of secrecy. As a recent report by The Heritage Foundation notes:

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How China sets its overall budget, the actual size of its military budget, the relationship among various political factions, and even how specific decisions may be staffed are all elements that the [People’s Republic of China] deliberately strives to conceal.
Nonetheless, as the world’s second-largest economy, as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, and as a major power, the PRC has to provide some information about its economy, its political positions, and its various national and international endeavors, if only to interact with other states and economies.