The Real Result Of The California Recall Is A Green Light For Tyranny


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The race was effectively framed as a referendum on Newsom’s aggressive lockdowns, under which California residents suffered some of the most prolonged and stringent restrictions of any state in the country. Indeed, voters surveyed by The New York Times cited the pandemic as their No. 1 issue going into the polls. The effort to force a measure on the ballot 14 months before the next scheduled election picked up steam after the governor was caught flouting his own rules.

Voters, however, not only rejected Newsom’s removal but endorsed the heavy constraints on their own freedoms while excusing their governor’s hypocrisy. The elite disconnect, featuring leftist leaders who dismiss protocols imposed on their servant class, has become a routine practice within the country’s left-wing enclaves.



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Get 'em, Gavin! Make stupid not only hurt, make it life long never ending torture! :yahoo:

Quick, let's build a wall around Kalifornia so they can't escape and infect other states!


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They are already infecting Maryland.
The Democrats here want to do everything their Democrats do.
And we have a Republican Governor who believes kissing their asses is Bi-partisan.
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So what did we really learn from the Recall? The Left can say and do the vilest thing against a black person, and it will be all good as long as they tie that person to Trump or white supremacy.