The redneck equivalent of rap


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If you are easily offended, for the love of Jesus, don't click on this video.

Now that I'm changing my zip code to 32407, I'm trying to purge my Jersey and replace it with something a bit more Dixie. This song popped up as a suggestion. But I have to say, I'd rather listen to some single digit IQ rapper than devolve into someone that plays this song turned all the way up at the red light.

You've been warned. Unless you were an enlisted member of the US Navy or US Marine Corps, don't click this link.

FWIW, this video has as of 5/27/21, 13,000 likes. I'm sure this is a sign of the last days on earth.



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Holy crap!!!! Man, I can hear this blasting in the aircraft as we chased subs around..... :)