The Revolution Comes to Portland Place


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McCloskey has been characterized as your typical right-wing gun-nut loon, though any Second Amendment afficionado could look at the video of his challenge to the protesters, and particularly that of Patty (for a minute you might be tempted to think her pistol is a wine glass based on how she’s holding it) and conclude no dyed-in-the-wool Republican would show that kind of atrocious muzzle discipline.

In fact, he’s a personal injury and criminal defense lawyer. McCloskey is one of Those Guys.


Buy a million dollar house on a private street in an exclusive gated community, and you’ve purchased the right not to have mobs of idiots parading in front of your house shouting obscenities and threats. And yet while the soyboys of Antifa seem to have less vim and vigor than advertised when it comes to playing suburban commando with their demonstrations, this does not appear true of the increasingly bold Black Lives Matter gang.

Not that there is much difference between the two. Both Antifa and Black Lives Matter are explicitly Marxist revolutionary organizations making absurd demands for the voluntary destruction of American law, economics and culture. And a Mark McCloskey buys himself no indulgences by having taken on a civil rights case or two. The revolution has no allies, you see; only participants and enemies, whether current or future.

One gets the impression that if the weak urban Democrat leaders who allow the kind of lawlessness which took hold at Portland Place over the weekend, there will be more of these incidents.

A lot more.