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Biden senior Pentagon official claims policies focused on nonbinary identities essential for national security

'Self-loathing, anti-Americanism masquerading as ‘DEI,' a critic said about Kathleen Hicks' remarks

FIRST ON FOX – The Pentagon's second-highest-ranking official outlined a commitment to policies focused on "nonbinary service members" and mandating critical race theory training, claiming those points were keys to national security.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleene Hicks discussed the need to create a cultural change in the military at multiple Pride events, including most recently on June 5.

During a DoD Pride event for the Association of LGBTQI+ Service Members in June, Hicks discussed the Pentagon's LGBTQ priorities vis-à-vis military "readiness," a term which refers to the ability to deter potential adversaries, defend national interests and ensure that armed forces can meet their missions.

Hicks proceeded to outline how the Biden administration was addressing the "erosion of trust" in government institutions, and proposed to handle recruiting challenges by further entrenching DEI.

"This should alarm every freedom-loving American," said Nicole Kiprilov at the Center for Military Excellence. Kiprilov went on to call Hicks' remarks "simply self-loathing, anti-Americanism masquerading as ‘DEI.'"

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In the old days the purpose of the military was to kill the enemy.
That is what was taught in basic training when I went there. How to kill the enemy.
The Spear of the bayonet---To Kill. Target practice--to kill,
After basic there were other things taught, but the reason these things were taught was to win at war.

What this country needs desperately is some new Pentagon officials who know what the military is meant to do.
Win wars, kill the enemy, make other countries fear to attack America because they fear the consequences.

The military is not there to try to make women equal to men, to make the troops accept queers or trannies, To teach social BS.