The Truth about Trump's Economy


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Nevertheless, the lapdogs in the mainstream media continue to spread doom and gloom and skepticism in every column and broadcast. A very sage young man I know, who happens to belong to a minority group said to me, "I don't give a s***t if the corporations get tax breaks. They the ones who hire people like me.” Likewise, no one I know, Dem or Rep, gives a fig about Trump's tax returns.

In fact, if the government wants to prolong the boom, they should offer an even lower corporate tax rate, perhaps, one even lower than anywhere globally. Imagine what would happen. All American companies would come back home. Alleluia!

The most asinine response from the leftist Dems is their claim that the great economy belongs to President Obama. What this president is responsible for is 8 years of stagnant growth thanks to Obamacare and its god-awful mandate that crippled small businesses. Did anyone you know ever get funds from the Obama stimulus package? Probably not. But plenty of Democrat donors like Solyndra got millions from the taxpayers and when it failed, we took the loss. The only thing that grew in the Obama years was unemployment and people on food stamps.

2020 presidential candidate Corey Booker said recently, ""You have people on my block — I'm the only presidential candidate that lives in a low-income inner-city neighborhood. Talk to folks, and they'll tell you: 'I have to work two jobs just to try to keep myself in housing. And, by the way, that housing isn't reflected in any of my family.'"