The Wonder Years to reboot this time with a black family


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With Hispanics being the 2nd largest group in America, I'm confused why they don't get featured in the reboot. Will the dad work at NorCom? Will a Winnie be the son's love interest? I doubt the kid will wear a NY Jets jacket. I bet he's a Raider's fan or just be straight NBA fan.

Famed director Lee Daniels will executive produce and Fred Savage, the star of the original series, will direct a reboot of the hit program -- this time built around a Black family, ABC announced Wednesday.
The half-hour comedy will focus on how a Black middle-class family in Montgomery, Alabama, "in the turbulent late 1960's, the same era as the original series, made sure it was The Wonder Years for them too," the network said.


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One Day at a Time came back with a Latino family.

In its defense, it's better than the original, because I never cared for Norman Lear shows. Like, at all.


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The reason they jack a known success instead of simply making it a new show is because they know they can get people to tune in for at least the first few episodes. If they did something original they'd be blowing crickets.


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Reboot Barney Miller:
The precinct gets overtaken by local BLM activists led by Mustafa, ( Chris Rock) Whose wisecracking jokes about whitey eating quiche and their kids attending pre-schools!! Wojo, the brainless polock, can’t unlock the bathroom door, the laughs never stop until they shoot Barney in the head.