There’s A Reason Democrats Are Screaming About Conspiracies


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Last week, the Washington Post declared “Government-by-conspiracy-theory rides again.” In that piece, “national correspondent” Phil Bump decried any investigation into how the Russian hoax investigation came into being. He wrote that Attorney General “Barr’s efforts are in service to a sprawling conspiracy theory targeting Barr’s own organization along with other components of the U.S. intelligence community. In other words, Barr is asking foreign countries to dig around for evidence of malfeasance by U.S. agencies.”

After two years of “Trump is a Russian puppet” having been found untrue, Democrats have no business calling anything a conspiracy. They’d built up Robert Mueller to walk on water, that their dreams sank with his report pushed them over the edge.

The Russian hoax was the ultimate conspiracy, and it was perpetrated by Democrats. There wasn’t one journalist at these liberal outlets who’d even entertain the idea that the Trump campaign was anything but guilty. Discussions on cable news were not about “what if” it were true, they were about what it being true would mean and where it would lead.