This forum is a bit slow for some reason


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mainman said:
You know damn well you broke out the vacuum after you read this...:duh:
Hell no, i went all out and got the carpet shampoo'r instead. I always feel like, if you're gonna do something, do it BIG! The cats hated it, but they smell really nice now.


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Forum looks alot like ours. I've never checked out another one. Didn't impress me. I like our local group. There are ppl on there from all over. SOMD rules! :yahoo:


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bcp said:
Now, the forum that I am coming from has a new post at the rate of one per second,, 24 hours a day. You can always find someone to argue with or to make fun of.

this forum seems to be a bit slower on the response.

I have taken it upon myself to study this situation, and I have come up with the reason.

The people that post here are younger and actually have a life.
not fair.

Here is what we have to do to correct this problem.

From here on out, all posters will pretend that they are old balding fat married guys and act accordingly.

the female posters will pretend that they are old fat hairy married women, and act accordingly.

this should cure the problem now.

Sounds good to me. Great rules. :coffee:


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Thank you, but after reading the posts on here for the last few days, I have decided that it might be best to leave the posting habits as they are.

Please, return to your normal posting styles :D