This has to be the worst bit of fear mongering over a Windows Leak


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Don't Install the Leaked Windows 11 Build

Save yourself from bugs and other issues and skip the unofficial version.

Some folks are excited by the changes, others not so much, but it’s safe to say everyone’s at least curious about Microsoft’s still technically unannounced operating system (it’s assumed the upcoming Sun Valley Windows 10 update will be renamed Windows 11). That said, you probably shouldn’t install the leaked Windows 11 update.

The reasoning is the same as when we caution against installing beta builds of other operating systems and test apps like Chrome Canary: Windows 11 is unfinished and unstable. The leaked Windows 11 is also technically unofficial, so if you install it and something breaks, Microsoft won’t help you fix it—and something will probably break considering how notoriously buggy official Windows Updates are.

You also can’t install Windows 11 through official channels (you won’t find it on the Windows Insider Channels), meaning you’d have to download it elsewhere—and hackers and phishers love to dupe unsuspecting users with malicious links masquerading as leaked software.

Maybe I am straining credibility here ... but someone smart enough to FIND the Win 11 Leak ... and It ain't easy to find an active download

is smart enough to understand the ramifications of a leaked not even Beta Build


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I thought the Microsoft story was that windows 10 was going to be the "final" version and only require updates?