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about it before I posted my thoughts.
Pentagon orders pause across military to address extremism in its ranks (

I know this will sound like a conspiracy theory but I am concerned that this is the beginning of a purge in the military of those who would not obey an unlawful order to take up arms against the citizenship. I have not seen anything that defines what an extremist is under this action. In many minds a Trump supporter is an extremist. I foresee Karen's claiming a superior or shipmate is an extremist. Is it the gun enthusiast that was talking about his/her support of the 2A? The conservative who believes there were irregularities in the election? Someone who has voiced a counter opinion to transgenders in the military? I remember in the 70's and 80's when there were forms everywhere to be used to report alleged racism and sexual harassment or assault. Many, many of these forms were filled out with the vast majority being unfounded. I am not saying we should allow racism or extremism in the military but it needs to be properly defined. I see careers being sidelined by false accusations whether intentional or misunderstood criteria. This has the potential to be a witch hunt. I was part of the debacle known as Tailhook. I wasn't at Tailhook, I was in the Indian Ocean on a carrier. I signed 4 different statements that I did not attend Tailhook yet my promotion (and associated pay raise) and the promotions of many others that year were delayed from 1 May to 1 September. It also moved promotion dates permanently. This is a slippery slope that I believe is a reaction to present day social justice warrior cries and is not well based on demonstrated facts.
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