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these womenz blow my mind. I was recently married and while some gifts definitely had me scratching my head, I would rather never recieve a single gift than think it was my right to call out people who didn't bestow gifts upon us properly and within my expectations. Tacky doesn't even begin to describe it.

my cousin randomly eloped right before my wedding but not before sending me the direct link to her registry with instructions to pass along to the rest of the family :eyebrow: ("you're not invited but please send gifts, and make sure everyone else does too!") I normally would've sent her a gift anyways as a congrats, but not when you directly TELL me to! And when I sat down to write my thank you's I still sent her one even though she didn't gift me anything, as she had travelled far to be there on my day. She used that opportunity to text me and berate me for never giving her a gift, as she swears she gave us a gift (she didn't), but she just wanted us to know we should be thanking her for the gift she got us, because we didn't get her one :twitch: when I asked her what that gift was, perhaps is was misplaced (I kept a spreadsheet!) she ghosted and I haven't heard from her since :lol:

weddings make people crazy.