This is why we should never EVER trust these people


Decency will rise again!
Perhaps you might want to tell us what sort of decency you're talking about? Are you talking about the decency we saw from ANTIFA and BLM? The squad? The decency from Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Clapper, Brennan, etc...? The decency from the characters on CNN and MSNBC? Tranporter/Gunsmoke and the other ugly leftists in this forum?

Are you really that oblivious of the vileness and hate that came from your side? You're a more rational voice from the left. I find it hard to believe you think the lack of decency only came from Trump and his supporters.

I happen to think that the abject hatred that came from the left has only been emboldened and validated through this election and will only get worse. I am praying hard that the senate stays in republican hands to maintain a balance, and keeping the fanatical left in check. If democrats gain full control, I expect full-bore socialist and fascist policies. Bernie is demanding massive freebies. The Squad has formed what being labeled as an "Anti-Semitic Caucus". I expect moves to shut down any dissenting voice against the left; such as talk radio, Fox News, Newsmax, and any other right wing voices you can think of. Whether this actually works or not, I expect the radical within your party to try. I expect laws to be passed that will forever change our elections so democrats never lose control again. Of course, I expect takeover of our healthcare, energy, and guns.

I believe democrats won't make the same mistakes they made last time they had control. I believe they will move full speed ahead in pushing all of the agenda items on their list before 2022.

We will see what decency really looks like :sarcasm:
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Hold the line... We are seeing phycological warfare fired in every direction.
The top network defense analysts in the world were in on this.... they let this happen for a reason - to expose it - that I do believe!
We will know more in the next week. Powell wouldn't put her reputation on the line like this without bearing fruit. She has fruit.

I think the reason for stirring up the media is to have rats come out. They want to get them all. NOTHING will ever change in our government and in society unless it is done this way.

These are crimes against humanity and they can and will have assets seized.
The only problem I see with this is, there are too many establishment folks - the Deep State, if you will - that have too much knowledge of what went on on the inside to undermine Trump, from the moment he announced his first run to now. These are people that have been involved in setting up systems that work uniquely for them and designed to destroy any outsider. When the highest levels of our government are able to weaponize the FBI and intel agencies to go after political enemies - people that are experts in covering their tracks - we're looking at a system built around protecting their class of people and destroying anyone else no welcome. This doesn't even mention what I believe to be complicit involvement of our courts.