This kid. Yo??? Having a temper tantrum...


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So, College Senior Pope a senior in college, a senior.... has a child's temper tantrum, gets escorted off the field in front of hundreds of thousands of worshipers, Tweets profanities but can't spell luck. ("lucc")

Okay, fast forward a year or two, (because NO NFL TEAM should even consider him), to a corporate setting where he's being interviewed for a junior executive position...

H/R person: "tell us, Mr. Pope, of you finest accomplishment thus far"...

Mr. Pope: "hey like k you man, the dude dissed me so, Like I throed my glove at the Mer*ker and said *k you Biich, gud lucc".

H/R person: "Well, now, welcome aboard to BLM/DNC Corporation!!"

Mr. Pope: "Hey, like F**K YOU MAN