This millennial couple travels the country in a converted bus after paying off all their debt


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Depends on how long they go. We see people who travel and homeschool their kids all the time.
My parents took me to the GC when I was about 3. The only thing I "remembered" (because I thought it was a bad dream) was almost falling over the railing into the canyon. Mom told me that really happened. I guess that explains my fear of heights. :lol:


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I say good for them! But the comments after the article...not so much!
When I strike up a conversation with a stranger, often times the fact that we live on the road comes up. I start out by saying this lifestyle isn't for everyone but it suits us just fine.

I think I got more brushback from my family than from any other group. A lot of young people tell me that the way we live is their dream lifestyle.

Just today we were reminiscing about our time at the Grand Canyon. Then we talked about how it must look now this time of year. With a couple of inches of snow on the ground. So at some point in time we may head back over that way during the fall.

The couple in the original article are keeping a pace that is a lot more aggressive than ours. They have driven more than 16,000 miles in 8 months. That averages to 2,000 miles a month. We average somewhere around 350 per month. That is a lot of time behind the wheel and makes for some expensive gasoline purchases. But the beauty is that you can tailor your vagabondary to what works best for you.